Workshop Repair Terms and Processes

Our Expertise

Our technicians have been trained by OEM factory engineers, so you can be rest assured that we have the necessary expertise to restore your machine to perfect working order.

Identifying Problems

Many customers are under the impression that a service will fix problems, This is not always the case.
Please identify the problem when arriving at our Service Counter to the Consultant assisting you.

What is done when a machine is Serviced?

  • All services are not covered under the warranty.
  • We will update Firmware if required.
  • All internal parts are checked for damage or wear.
  • Internal parts are lubricated according to OEM requirements.
  • All necessary adjustments are carried out according to OEM requirements.

Approximate Repair time.

A period of approximately 72 hours to assessment depending on workload.
Thereafter the machine will be repaired or quoted upon.
The repair will only be started once the quote has been accepted.
-  If we do not have the part in stock then they will only be ordered once the quote has been accepted,
-  (Repair time could vary depending on the arrival of parts)
-  All Quotes and Pricing only valid for 7 Days.


All replaced parts and products become the property of S&H. This warranty does not include repairs to products damaged as a result of an accident,
disaster, misuse, abuse or non-modification of the product.
We are not responsible for theft or fire damage beyond our control.
All parts correctly supplied are not returnable.

Assessment / Quotes Fees:

Strictly EFT, Card or Bank Guaranteed Cheques.
Assessment / Quote Rejection fee of R150.00 Incl Vat.(Medium Items) - Payable Upon Collection.
Assessment / Quote Rejection fee of R300.00 Incl Vat.(Large Items) - Payable Upon Collection.
All Quotes and Pricing are only valid for 7 Days.

Warranty Repairs:

Proof of the warranty must be presented at the time the equipment is brought in for repair. Should proof of warranty not have been established by the time
of collection an invoice will be raised for the full cost of the repair. If proof of warranty is produced after the invoice has been raised a levy equal to 10%
of the invoice value will be payable. All repairs carry a 3-month warranty only on components replaced.
No Cash Deposits Accepted, you will be liable for the deposit fees.
Customers on Account: Terms of payments, strictly 30 days from date of invoice.
Customers not on Account: Only Card or EFT will be accepted on payment, NOTE!! EFT's will need to clear before ant goods are released.
Please note that we do not accept cash payments in our offices.


! ! ! Please note that if the unit is not collected within 21 days, the unit will be sold or scrapped to defray costs Without Notice.! ! !.
Storage will be charged at R20 per day if unit not collected within 21 days.
Keep this document safe as your repair will not be released without it. Jobs can only be followed up with the job number.
Under no circumstances will repaired equipment be released unless the above payment conditions have been met. Offer valid while stocks last. Prices
subject to change without notice.
All repairs carry a 3-month warranty only on components replaced and work done as per fault reported.
S&H must be informed of any third-party devices and accessories booked in for repair.
Under no circumstances will S&H be liable to you for any damages including any lost items,
All repairs below R800.00 will be Automatically repaired without quotes.


!! Due to our constraints around the POPI Act, we are only permitted to provide order information to the person who placed the order !! This also applies to repairs booked into our repair centre. No information will be provided to 3rd parties. Thanks for your understanding.