Kenwood felt gearboxCover-Lower

- Felt gearbox Cover lower for our Kenwood Mixer.

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Kenwood felt gearbox Cover-Lower (KW676964)


- Felt gearbox Cover lower for our Kenwood Mixer.

Compatible with the following models:

Type: A900MAJOR Type: KM330 Type: KM357 Type: KM630 Type: KMC505 Type: KMM705
Type: KM201 Type: KM331 Type: KM410 Type: KM631 Type: KMC510 Type: KMM710
Type: KM210 Type: KM335 Type: KM416 Type: KM635 Type: KMC515 Type: KMM715
Type: KM220 Type: KM336 Type: KM460 Type: KM636 Type: KMC550 Type: KMM750
Type: KM230 Type: KM336AT337 Type: KM500 Type: KM640 Type: KMC560 Type: KMM760
Type: KM290 Type: KM336AT340 Type: KM600 Type: KM646 Type: KMC570 Type: KMM770
Type: KM310 Type: KM346 Type: KM610 Type: KM810 Type: KMC572 Type: KMM777
Type: KM315 Type: KM353 Type: KM615 Type: KM816 Type: KMC577 Type: KMP770
Type: KM316 Type: KM355 Type: KM616 Type: KMC500 Type: KMM700 Type: PM400