Philips Charger 13Volt

13 Volt Charger for your Epilators etc.

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Philips Charger 13Volt (Round Pin Plug)


13 Volt Charger for your Epilators etc.

Input: 220v
Output: 13V

Compatible with the following Models:

BRE200/00 HP6492/00 HP6420/00 HP6507/01
BRE201/00 HP6493/00 HP6422/00 HP6507/30
HP6400/00 HP6495/00 HP6423/00 HP6508/01
HP6402/00 HP6496/00 HP6481 HP6509/01
HP6403/00 HP6501 HP6482 HP6512/00
HP6408/03 HP6502 HP6483 HP6513
HP6491/01 HP6540/00 HP6491/00 HP6515