Kenwood A910/7 Trafila Silatelli (Awat910008)

A910/7 Trafila Silatelli (AWAT910008)

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A910/7 Trafila Silatelli (AWAT910008)

Silatelli is a type of long spaghetti originating near the Amalfi coast in Naples. They look like short, slightly wider strips of tagliatelle and are sometimes ‘pinched’ in the middle. Silatelli are usually cooked with courgettes and mussels or clams, or can be served with a simple, but delicious fresh cherry tomato and garlic sauce.

Outlet: Slow speed outlet.

Material: Bronze.

Size (cm): 1.4H x 4.4W x 4.4D.

Weight: 0.1kg.

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