Philips S5420 Electric Shaver Bracket Assembly

Bracket assembly for your Philips electric shaver

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Philips S5420 Electric Shaver Bracket Assembly (Philips S5420 Electric Shaver Bracket Assembly)


Bracket assembly for your Philips electric shaver

Compatible with the following models:

S5008/04 S5077/03 S5216/06 S5391/12
S5010/03 S5078/04 S5230/04 S5395/12
S5011/04 S5079/04 S5230/12 S5395/26
S5013/04 S5080/03 S5231/12 S5396/12
S5013/26 S5081/04 S5251/12 S5397/12
S5013/28 S5082/61 S5252/12 S5397/26
S5015/61 S5085/06 S5270/12 S5400/04
S5040/05 S5086/06 S5271/12 S5420/02
S5050/04 S5090/58 S5272/12 S5420/04
S5050/05 S5091/50 S5273/12 S5420/06
S5050/06 S5095/58 S5320/06 S5420/12
S5050/64 S5100/06 S5330/12 S5420/21
S5070/04 S5110/04 S5335/12 S5420/57
S5070/06 S5205/81 S5340/04 S5510/45
S5070/21 S5210/04 S5351/05 S5560/33
S5070/26 S5210/06 S5370/26 S5570/33
S5070/59 S5210/12 S5370/81 S5570/43
S5070/65 S5210/81 S5370/84 S5571/68
S5070/92 S5210/86 S5370/86 S5620/12
S5071/57 S5211/12 S5380/04 S5620/41
S5072/06 S5212/12 S5380/26 S5630/45
S5074/89 S5213/12 S5390/12 S5390/81
S5075/06 S5214/06 S5390/26 S5215/06