Philips Cleartouch Essence Garment Steamer (GC535/35)

- Powerful steam delivers your own favorite scent to your clothes thanks to the innovative MyEssence fragrance cap.

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Philips Cleartouch Essence Garment Steamer (GC535/35)


Refurbished Product - 3 Month Guarantee

Refresh delicate clothes with your favorite scents

With MyEssence fragrance cap

- 2000W
- MyEssence fragrance cap
- Hang&lock


Steam delivers your own favorite scent on your clothes:
- Powerful steam delivers your own favorite scent to your clothes thanks to the innovative MyEssence fragrance cap.

Extra powerful steam:
- Powerful steam is blown through the nozzles, enabling you to remove creases with only a few strokes.

Removes cigarette, food and body odors:
- Powerful steam removes cigarette, food and body odors.

Safe to use on delicate fabrics, like silk:
- The steamer is safe to use on all fabrics. It is a great solution for delicate fabrics like silk.

Steam kills up to 99.9% of bacteria:
- Hot steam kills up to 99.9% of bacteria on clothes and helps delaying washing or dry cleaning.

Unique Hang&Lock for stability during steaming:
- Unique Hang&Lock feature locks the garment hanger and enables stability for more convenient steaming - even with your own hanger.

XL Stainless steel steam plate for faster results:
- The steamer head has an XL stainless steel steam plate which delivers faster results.

Detachable, transparent water tank with hygienic water inlet:
- 1.2 L detachable water tank with special water inlet for extra hygiene.

Glove for extra protection during steaming:
- Included is a glove that protects your hand during steaming.


Easy to use:
- Power cord length: 1.6  m
- Water tank capacity: 1200  ml
- Hang&Lock: Yes
- Detachable water tank: Yes
- Refill any time during use: Yes
- Safe on all ironable fabrics: Even delicates like silk
- Silicone steam hose: Yes
- Soleplate name:  XL steam plate
- Special water inlet:  For extra hygiene
- Tap water suitable:  Yes

Scale management:
- Descaling and cleaning: Easy Rinse

Accessories included:
- Adjustable pole: Yes
- Glove for extra protection: Yes
- MyEssence Fragrance caps: Yes
- Pleat maker: Yes

Fast crease removal:
- Continuous steam: 40  g/min
- Power: 2000W
- Voltage: 220-240V

Green efficiency:
- User manual: 100% recycled paper

Size and weight:
- Packaging dimensions (WxHxL): 40x45x33.3cm
- Product dimensions (WxHxL): 33x182x33  cm
- Total weight with packaging: 5.47  kg
- Weight of iron: 3.5  kg