Philips Saeco Decalcifier Liquid 250ml (CA6700/55)

Philips Ca6700/00 Saeco Decalcifier Liquid 250ml

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Philips Saeco Decalcifier Liquid 250ml (CA6700/55)


Please take note of the following before performing the descaling cycle.
1.    Never drink the decalcifier or any products dispensed until the cycle has been carried out to the end. Never use vinegar as a decalcifier.
2.    Empty the drip tray.
3.    Remove the water filter installed in the water tank, if there’s any.

Descaling procedure For Manual Machines:
1.    Remove the water filter installed in the water tank, if there’s any.
2.    While the machine is on, pour one bottle (250ml) of Saeco Decalcifier into the empty water tank.
3.    Fill the water tank up to the MAX level.
4.    Put a cup under the coffee dispensing head.  Dispense the descaling solution by releasing hot water for 15 seconds.
5.    Switch off the machine for 15 minutes.
6.    Repeat steps 3 to 4 until the machine asks the water tank to be filled with water.
7.    Rinse the water tank under the tap.
8.    Fill the water tank with fresh water.
9.    Release hot water continuously until the tank is empty.
10.  Repeat step 9 twice.
11.  Rinse the brewing unit and put grease if necessary.

Descaling procedure For Automatic Machines:
To perform the descaling cycle:

1.    You need to access the MENU or MAINTENANCE MENU of your coffee machine and look for
2.    Follow the onscreen instructions shown on the machine’s display.
3.   You will be required to fill the water tanks multiple times before to conclude

1.   Do not switch off the machine.  You need to start the cycle again once this happened.
2.   Do not remove the water tank unless the machine asked you to refill the water tank.
3.   Fill the water tank above the maximum level.
4.   Once the cycle is over, rinse the brewing unit and put grease if necessary to ensure its smooth movement.