Kenwood Sealing Ring 3 Pack (Kw712684)

Sealing Ring for your Kenwood Prospero

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Kenwood Sealing Ring 3 Pack (Kw712684)

Compatible With:

KM240 KM260  KM280
KM241 KM261  KM280BK
KM242  KM262  KM280RD
KM243  KM263  KM281
KM244  KM264  KM282
KM245  KM265  KM283
KM248 KM266  KM280RD
KM285 KM286 KM287
KM288 KM289 KM241

Check Code Below:

Code: 0W20010012 Code: 0WKM241004 Code: 0WKM245002 Code: 0WKM265007 Code: 0WKM283001
Code: 0W20010037 Code: 0WKM241006 Code: 0WKM248002 Code: 0WKM266002 Code: 0WKM283002
Code: 0W20010038 Code: 0WKM242002 Code: 0WKM260004 Code: 0WKM280001 Code: 0WKM285001
Code: 0W20010045 Code: 0WKM242006 Code: 0WKM261006 Code: 0WKM280005 Code: 0WKM285002
Code: 0WKM240002 Code: 0WKM242007 Code: 0WKM262007 Code: 0WKM281001 Code: 0WKM285006
Code: 0WKM241001 Code: 0WKM243004 Code: 0WKM263002 Code: 0WKM282002 Code: 0WKM286002
Code: 0WKM241002 Code: 0WKM244002 Code: 0WKM264008 Code: 0WKM282006 Code: 0WKM287001
Code: 0WKM287002 Code: 0WKM288001 Code: 0WKM289002 Code: 0WMX260007 Code: 0WKM288002