Kenwood Medium Outlet Spigot Grey (Kw674980)

Medium Speed Outlet Spigot Grey KM001-006 (KW674980)

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Kenwood Medium Outlet Spigot Grey (Kw674980)

Compatible With:

DSM5 KM094 KM082 KMM025 KMC010 KMM023
KM068 KMC015 KM092 KMC013  KMC053  KMY90
KM080 KMC030 KMC014 KMY60 KMC055 KMT017
KM084 KMM025 KM080 KMP04  KMM060 KMT057
KM085 KMM021 KM082 KMP05 KMM063  KMT167
KM086 KMC011 KM084 KM010 KMM065 KMC053
KM089 KM083 KM070 KMC013  KMC070 KMT117
KMM020 KM094 KM086 KMM020 KMM075 KMM075
KMM040 KM098 KM089 KMC015 KMM020 KMM020
KMP03  DSM7 KM096 KM096 KMC050 KMM023