Kenwood Major Whisk Stainless Steel Circlip Km Major (KW716840)

Major Whisk Stainless Steel Circlip KM Major (KW712207)

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Kenwood Major Whisk Stainless Steel Circlip Km Major (KW716840)


For eggs, cream, batters, fatless sponges, meringues, cheesecakes,
mousses, soufflés. Don’t use the whisk for heavy mixtures (eg creaming
fat and sugar) - you could damage it.

Compatible with the following models:

Type: KMM770 Type: KVL4100S Type: KVL4180S Type: KMM07570
Type: KM005 Type: KVL8300S Type: KVL4230S Type: KMT056
Type: KMP04 Type: KVL8470S Type: KVL8430S Type: KMT057
Type: KMP770 Type: KVL4170S Type: KVL8472S Type: KMT167
Type: KMM023 Type: KVL4110S Type: KVL4120S Type: KMM075
Type: KMM020 Type: KVL4100W Type: KVL8350S Type: KMT166
Type: KVL6010T Type: KVL4170W Type: KVL4154S Type: KVL6300S
Type: KVL6000T Type: KVL6330S Type: KVL6324S Type: KVL6100S
Type: KVL6030T Type: KVL8460S Type: KVL6010S Type: KVL6170S
Type: KVL6040T Type: KVL8400S Type: KMM025 Type: KVL6320S
Type: KVL6050T Type: KVL4140S Type: KMM060 Type: KVL6370S
Type: KVL6020T Type: KVL4220S Type: KMM063 Type: KVL6420S
Type: KVL8320S Type: KVL8361S Type: KMM065 Type: KVL6410S