Kenwood Juice Centrifuger Complete (Kw664002)

Kenwood Juice Centrifuger Complete (Kw664002)

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Kenwood Juice Centrifugal Complete (Kw664002)

Compatible with models:

FP580 FP690
FP950 FP680
FP925 FP593
FP921 FP591
FP920 FP586
FP910 FP581
DPF950 220V FP487
FP905 FP486
FP698 FP481
FP696 FP480
FP693 FP479

Check Table Below for Code:

Code: 0WFP580002 Code: 0WFP693002
Code: 0WFP950013 Code: 0WFP691010
Code: 0WFP950005 Code: 0WFP690002
Code: 0WFP950002 Code: 0WFP593002
Code: 0WFP925002 Code: 0WFP591002
Code: 0WFP921001 Code: 0WFP586002
Code: 0WFP920005 Code: 0WFP581001
Code: 0WFP920002 Code: 0WFP487001
Code: 0WFP910005 Code: 0WFP486001
Code: 0WFP905002 Code: 0WFP481002
Code: 0WFP698002 Code: 0WFP480002
Code: 0WFP696002 Code: 0WFP479002
Code: 0WFP696001