Delonghi Set Filters Series (5512510041)

Delonghi Set Filters Series (5512510041)

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Delonghi Set Filters Series (5512510041)


Deep fryer filter kit for F28 - D28 series

Contains: 3 active carbon filters

6 paper filters

For models of ranges F28 - D28

Compatible Model:

ROTOFRY F28533.W1  RotoFry F28311.W1 EX:1  RotoFry F 28311 
ROTOFRY F28533.W1  RotoFry F28311 EX:1  Notes 
ROTOFRY F28533.W1  RotoFry F28311 EX:1  F28313.BK 
ROTOFRY F28533.BK  RotoFry F28311 EX:1  F28233 
ROTOFRY F28533.BK  ROTOFRY F28211.W1 EX:1  F28233 
ROTOFRY F28533  ROTOFRY F28211 EX:1  De'Longhi Totem 
ROTOFRY F28533  ROTOFRY F28211 EX:1  D28533.UX 
RotoFry F28311.W1 EX:1  ROTOFRY F28211  D28313-UX.BK 
RotoFry F28311.W1 EX:1  D28313-UX D28313-UX.BK 
RotoFry F28311.W1 EX:1   

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