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Delonghi oven Switch (050028.1)

Stock Available: Cape Town Or JHB Warehouse: T&C's

Product Available For Purchase: 62

Oven switch for your Delonghi Oven.
Just R36 per month on Array
Price Incl Vat: - R 355.99
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Delonghi oven Switch (050028.1)

Delonghi oven Switch (050028.1)


Oven switch for your Delonghi Oven.

Compatible with the following models:

Type: CX822 Type: DMFPS60 Type: DMA8X Type: LMFPS Type: DOMFPS Type: DE60E
Type: SMA6PRO Type: LMFW60F Type: PMA 8X Type: LVB5643 Type: DMFPS62 Type: MSB9160ME
Type: SMAG6 Type: DE6060MD Type: PMA8XP Type: DE62MPS Type: DOMFPSII Type: MSI9160ME
Type: SMI6CAT Type: DEL607M Type: DMW8 Type: MQ162X Type: M60MFX Type: MSI9150ME
Type: SMB6 Type: DMFPS60BF Type: SMN8 Type: PEMX166GHIT Type: M92X Type: 8645RX
Type: SMV6CAT Type: DE6038MD Type: DE608ARTB Type: DE62MPB Type: PEMX965T Type: A1346G
Type: CBV633 Type: DE60MPS Type: DE608M Type: DESIDESLH Type: DS61E Type: M90MFX
Type: PEMX664/1 Type: DE60MPB Type: DE608ARTP Type: DESIDESRH Type: D61C Type: M61MFX
Type: DE60MW Type: PMA8 Type: DE608MW Type: 8C4MF7W Type: D61EII Type: MQ161X
Type: DE60MS Type: DMA8 Type: DMFPW Type: 8C4MF7X Type: DMFPS62B Type: MQ61MFX
Type: TMFPS60 Type: SMA8 Type: MFPW Type: TEMW664V Type: DOMFPW Type: PEMX166GHI
Type: DMFPS60B Type: DMV8 Type: DE608MLH Type: TEMX664V Type: DEF608E Type: PEMX664GHI
Type: DMFPSII Type: SMN6 Type: DE608MRH Type: TEMX664/1V Type: D61E Type: PEMX664
Type: LMFS60F Type: PMAN8 Type: DMFPS Type: TEMW664/1V Type: DEL6038D Type: MQ61/1MFX
Type: CMFPS Type: SMA8/1 Type: DMFPSI Type: A726G Type: DMFPS62BF Type: PEMX166/1GHI
050028.1 DeLonghi

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