Delonghi Fin Heater Castor Wheels

Castor wheels for your Delonghi Fin Heater.

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Delonghi Fin Heater Castor Wheels


Please see the related item below, you will require two Fin Heater Tie Rod's to connect casters.


 Castor wheels for your Delonghi Fin Heater.

Compatible With:

HOR KH771430CB   HOR KH770715.BLACK EW7707CBC   EW7707CB(120V)   EW7507EBL  
HOR KH771225.BLACK   EW7707CBM (COSTCO)  EW7707CB(220V)   EW7707CB(120V)   EW7507EBK  
HOR KH770920.BLACK   EW7707CBM   EW7707CB(127V)   EW7507EBM   EW7507EB  

Check code in table below:

Code: 0185759306 Code: 0185759302 Code: 0108772332 Code: 0108770320 Code: 0108770313
Code: 0185759305 Code: 0185759301 Code: 0108772331 Code: 0108770315 Code: 0108770311
Code: 0185759304 Code: 0108772333 Code: 0108770324 Code: 0108770314 Code: 0108770310
Code: 0108770309 Code: 0108770308 Code: 0108770307 Code: 0108770305