Delonghi Coffee Maker Lower Tube (5332113800)

Delonghi Coffee Machine Tube (T61274)

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Delonghi Coffee Maker Lower Tube (5332113800)


Lower tube for your delonghi coffee maker.

Compatible with these following models:

ESAM2000 BCO264B ECOV310.BG EC710 EAM3000.B ECA13400
BCO260 BCO 261N ECOV310.GR EC730 EAM4000.B ECA14400
BCO261 BCO261E ECOV310.AZ EC700 EX:C EAM3300S ECA14300
BCO260CD BCO261B EX:C ECOV310.BK1 EC710 EX:C EAM3400.S ECA13300
BCO261B BCO261B.1 ECOM310.BK EC701 EAM4300 ECA13100
BCO264 BCO264.1 ECOM310.R EC710 EX:C ILLY EAM4400 S EAM2000.B
BCO261.B BCO260CD.1 ECOM310.W EC702 ECA13000 EAM2600
BCO261.B EX:C ECO310.BK EX:1 ECO310.VBG EC700 EX:C (220V) ECA13200 ESAM2600
BCO260CD EX:C ECO310.W ECO310.VAZ EC700(120V) EAM4200.S ESAM3000.B
BCO264 EX:C ECO310.R ECO310.VGR EAM3200.S ECA14200 ESAM3100.SB
BCO261N/B ECOV310.BK EC700 EAM3100.SB ECA14000 ESAM3300
ESAM3200.S ESAM2200.S ESAM3400.S ESAM4200.S ESAM4000.B ESAM4300
ESAM2500.B ESAM4400 ECA12600 EAM2500.B EAM3000BJ