Delonghi Froth Dispenser For ES430 (7313285859)

Delonghi Froth Dispenser For ES430 (7313285859)
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EC 650

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Delonghi Froth Dispenser For ES430 (7313285859)

If you're a coffee enthusiast, you know how important it is to have the perfect froth on your cappuccino or latte.
Delonghi Froth Dispenser is the perfect accessory for your coffee machine, making your coffee experience even better.
This froth dispenser is compatible with various Delonghi models, including EC 650, EC 750, EC 700, EC 710, EC 730, EC 200CD, EC 400BLU, EC 410, EC 200CD, EC 410B, TXE 05, BCO260CD, BCO 261B, BCO 264, BCO 261, and EC 510.

Product Advantages

  • Easy to use and clean
  • Perfect froth for cappuccinos and lattes
  • Compatible with various Delonghi models
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Enhances the coffee experience

Tips for Using the Product

  • Make sure to use cold milk for best results.
  • Fill the froth dispenser no more than halfway to allow room for expansion during frothing.
  • Clean the froth dispenser after each use for optimum hygiene.

Overall, the Delonghi Froth Dispenser is an excellent investment for coffee lovers who want to enhance their coffee experience.
With easy-to-use and clean features, it is perfect for those who want to enjoy the perfect froth on their cappuccinos and lattes.
So why wait? Order your Delonghi Froth Dispenser today!


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