Braun Plastic Shaft Cpl (Br67050130)

Braun Plastic Shaft Cpl (Br67050130)

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Braun Plastic Shaft Cpl (Br67050130)

Compatible with:

Multiquick 5, Minipimer 5, Multiquick 7, Minipimer 7, Multiquick professional, Minipimer professional, Multiquick fresh, Minipimer fresh
Multiquick professional, Minipimer professional

Check Code in table below:

0X64196767 0X64192741 0X64191725
0X64196760 0X64192730 0X64191723
0X64196746 0X64192711 0X64191722
0X64196733 0X64192710 0X64191721
0X64196729 0X64191772 0X64191717
0X64196723 0X64191767 0X64191716
0X64196717 0X64191766 0X64191714
0X64196716 0X64191765 0X64191713
0X64196714 0X64191762 0X64191710
0X64196710 0X64191761 0X64191705
0X64196701 0X64191760 0X64191701
0X64192765 0X64191751 0X64191700
0X64192764 0X64191750 0X64191731
0X64192761 0X64191742 0X64191730
0X64192750 0X64191740 0X64191729
0X64192742 0X64191733 0X64191727