Braun Jug Blender & Ice Crusher Accessory (Ax22110004)

Braun Jug Blender & Ice Crusher Accessory (AX22110004)
Compatible with all Multiquick 5, 7 and 9 hand blenders

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Braun Jug Blender & Ice Crusher Accessory (AX22110004)


-1.250 ml jug blender and ice crusher
-Ice crushing knife
-Chopping knife
-Compatible with all Multiquick 5, 7 and 9 hand blenders
-Accessories easy to assemble
-Dishwasher safe
-BPA-free chopper bowls
-Anti-slip base / lid

Compatible With:

Multiquick 3 MQ 3000 Smoothie
Multiquick 3 MQ 3020 Pasta
Multiquick 3 MQ 3025 Omelette
Multiquick 3 MQ 3025 Spaghetti
Multiquick 3 MQ 3035 Sauce
Multiquick 3 MQ 3045 Aperitive
Multiquick 3 MQ 3100 Smoothie+
Multiquick 3 MQ 3135 Sauce
Multiquick 3 MQ 3137 Sauce+
Multiquick 3 MQ 3145 Aperitive
Multiquick 5 MQ 500 Soup
Multiquick 5 MQ 520 Pasta
Multiquick 5 MQ 525 Omelette
Multiquick 5 MQ 535 Baby
Multiquick 5 MQ 535 Sauce
Multiquick 5 MQ 545 Aperitive
Multiquick 5 MR 540 Aperitive
Multiquick 5 MR 540 Menu
Multiquick 5, Minipimer 5, Multiquick 7, Minipimer 7, Multiquick professional, Minipimer professional, Multiquick fresh, Minipimer fresh
Multiquick MR 5550 M FP
Multiquick professional

Check Code in Table Below:

Code: 0X22111001 Code: 0X64191723 Code: 0X64196773
Code: 0X22111187 Code: 0X64191724 Code: 0X64196781
Code: 0X22111188 Code: 0X64191726 Code: 0X64196782
Code: 0X22111189 Code: 0X64191729 Code: 0X64196783
Code: 0X22111190 Code: 0X64191730 Code: 0X81247637
Code: 0X22111191 Code: 0X64191738 Code: 0X81248689
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