Braun Cross Shaped Blade (Br67000899)

Braun Cross Shaped Blade (BR67000899)


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Braun Cross Shaped Blade (BR67000899)


Cross shaped blade, version B

Compatible with the following models:

Multiquick 7 Meat mincer G 3000
Multiquick 5 Meat mincer G 1500 White
Multiquick 5 Meat mincer G 1500 Black
Multiquick 3, Multiquick 5, Multiquick 7, PowerPlus 1100, PowerPlus 1300
Multiquick 3 Meat mincer G 1300

Check table below for code:

Code: 0X81377758 Code: 0X64195740
Code: 0X81372104 Code: 0X64195731
Code: 0X81341581 Code: 0X64195730
Code: 0X81325928 Code: 0X64195725
Code: 0X81316800 Code: 0X64195724
Code: 0X81316799 Code: 0X64195723
Code: 0X81316798 Code: 0X64195722
Code: 0X81313426 Code: 0X64195721
Code: 0X81251305 Code: 0X64195720
Code: 0X64242711 Code: 0X64195719
Code: 0X64242708 Code: 0X64195713
Code: 0X64242706 Code: 0X64195711
Code: 0X64242705 Code: 0X64195710
Code: 0X64242702 Code: 0X64195704
Code: 0X64242701 Code: 0X64195703
Code: 0X64242700 Code: 0X64195702
Code: 0X64195777 Code: 0X64195701
Code: 0X64195750 Code: 0X64195700