Braun Lid (BR67051139)

Braun Lid (Br67051139)

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Braun Lid (Br67051139)

Compatible with the following models:

TributeCollection Food processor FX 3030
TributeCollection Food processor FX 3020
TributeCollection Food processor FP 3010
Multiquick 5, CombiMax
Multiquick 5 Kitchen machine K 700 White
Multiquick 5 Kitchen machine K 700 Black
Multiquick 3, CombiMax
Multiquick 3 Kitchen machine K650 White
Multiquick 3 Kitchen machine K600 White

Check table below for code:

0X81377747 0X63202778 0X63205735 0X63202709
0X81375934 0X63202777 0X63205734 0X63202707
0X81372622 0X63202770 0X63205733 0X63202706
0X81372094 0X63202755 0X63205732 0X63202705
0X81325913 0X63202750 0X63205731 0X63202704
0X81317728 0X63202745 0X63205730 0X63202703
0X81269617 0X63202743 0X63205726 0X63202702
0X81251276 0X63202742 0X63205725 0X63202700
0X63205778 0X63202741 0X63205715 0X22011023
0X63205777 0X63202735 0X63205714 0X22011022
0X63205770 0X63202733 0X63205712 0X22011016
0X63205755 0X63202731 0X63205706 0X22011015
0X63205750 0X63202730 0X63205705 0X22011009
0X63205744 0X63202726 0X63205704 0X22011008
0X63205743 0X63202725 0X63205703 0X22011004
0X63205742 0X63202711 0X63205702 0X22011003
0X63205700 0X22011001 0X63205701 0X22011002